Fast, Easy Installation Reduces Bolting Costs PDF Print E-mail

You might expect that the advantages of Split Set™ Stabiliers would make them more expensive to use, but they're not. They can be installed quickly using a jackdrill, a stoper, a roof- bolting jumbo or any other type of drill. Just drill the hole; replace the drill steel with our driver tool; slide the plate on the tube, and drive the tube in with the drill.

It usually takes less than a minute. There's no waiting for grout to set-just drill and drive, and move on. You save money on labour and on materials.

Split Set™ stabiliers never need torquing, so you save on maintenance too. Choice of tubes and plates You can choose from three models: SS-33, SS-39 and SS-46. They're available in lengths and sizes to meet your needs and in standard, galvanized or stainless steel.

Pull tests prove sustained grip Pull tests help to verify the effectiveness of the stabilisers upon installation, and over periods of time. Pull collars may be use on selected tubes for later testing.