Varied Applications PDF Print E-mail


Stabilise, hold and control

  • Mine roof and ribs
  • Pillars
  • Water tunnels
  • Shaft walls
  • wage tunnels
  • derground storage caverns
  • Road tunnels
  • Pipe and ventilation ducts
  • Conveyor Belts
  • rolley wires
  • Surface excavation slopes
  • Highway cuts

Sewer tunnel and reservoiruses SS-39 fixtures with TBM

A large contractor chose the Split Set™ System for installation behind a tunnel boring machine. Split Set™ tubes and plates, with chain-link mesh, supported the tunnel and contained spalls.

Installed with jumbos 

Many mines use the Split Set™ System during development, installing the stabilisers with jumbos. The result is shorter cycles and improved safety, because ground support is effective immediately. 

Quarry secures highwall 

Diabase granite in an open pit was heavily jointed and faulted; a rock fall had even buried a drilling machine. Using Split Set™ Stabilisers with wire mesh. the operator secured the highwall so well that plant buildings could be located there

Light pressure installation

Because Split Set™ tubes are installed with a low radial loading in the hole, they solved a problem for a sewer tunnel contractor working in friable shale with faults and seams of hard volcanic rock

Canadian mine shaft sunk well ahead of schedule

An Ontario mine gained months in its schedule for an 18-foot shaft 5300 feet deep, when it used SS-33 stabilisers with full face advance. As a yeilding fixture, the Split Set™ Stabiliser is more tolerant to blast shock than other fixtures.

Tunnel in bad ground

Using the NATM method, a tunnel contractor fell behind schedule using steel sets and conventional bolts. After switching to Split Set™ Stabilisers, the crew regained lost time and finished ahead of schedule.