Split Set? Stabiliser Pull Test Procedure PDF Print E-mail

SS46, SS39 & SS33

  1. Ensure that the area to be worked in is safe from all hazards eg loose rock.
  2. Ensure that all personal are wearing the appropriate PPE.
  3. The Pull. Tester consists of two assemblies: the hydraulic portion which includes the cylinder, gauge, pump, hose and adapter; and the mechanical portion which includes the claw, housing, spindle and nut. Check that all are in good working order.
  4. Attach the pull claw over the top of the pull collar with the gap of the claw facing down. This prevents the claw from dislodging from the pull collar. The pull collar has to be attached to the Split Set™ before installation.
  5. Place the housing and hydraulic cylinder over the spindle and claw, and hand tighten the spindle nut until all portions are held in place. The piston end of the hydraulic cylinder should be facing away from the rock face.
  6. Place the pump (with gauge attached) in an area that does not expose personal to potential hazards eg rock falls. Please note that no personal should stand directly behind the pull tester whilst testing is taking place.
  7. The pump is then actuated to raise cylinder pressure, until a pre determined loading is reached, or the Split Set™ slips.
  8. The maximum gauge reading at slip or the pre determined limit indicates the holding force of the Split Set™.