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Anchor, Barrel & Wedge


    (mm)   (mm)  (kg)
89426498 45.0 42.0 0.40


  • Anchor, Barrel and Wedge are used to secure the roof plates on 15.2mm diameter x 7 stand wire cable bolts.
    This provides positive support to the rock face at the collar of the hole
  • The Anchor, Barrel & Wedge can be used as one, two or multiple strand (15.2mm) cable bolts in either Bulbed or Plain forms.
  • The Anchor, Barrel & Wedge will suite flat plates that are commonly used for Cable Bolts.
  • The barrel is manufactured from a toughened steel to resist splitting while under pressure.
  • The Anchor, Barrel & Wedge can be used to pre-stress cable bolts prior to grouting. You can also fit them to grouted cable bolts to secure additional mesh or "W" strap.
  • The Wedge in the Anchor has been hardened with small ridges to provide a positive grip on the strand. Each Wedge consist of 3 segments, secure by the ring to ensure the Wedge alignment and initial clamping to the Cable.


  • The Anchor, Barrel & Wedge's are packed in Cardboard box (25 units Per/Box).