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Solid Point Anchor


Typical Ultimate strength 183kN
Mass per / meter 2.93Kg
Typical Uniform elongation 17-19%
Nominal bar Dia 21.7mm
Typical Total Dia 24.25mm
Thread ISO M24 L/H 3mm pitch, cold rolled, 140mm length
Nut options Torque Nut
Accessory options Dome Ball, anti-fiction device
Expansion Shell 24mm x 45mm
Lengths Available 600-3000mm in 300mm increments (Std or Gal)


  • Split Set™ Mining Systems has designed this SPA from a hot rolled deformed bar design with rolled M24 x 3mm left hand pitch thread on both ends.
  • Together with a torque nut, & Expansion shell supplied as standard, it represents state of the art technology in the one step installation of roof bolts for mining, tunneling and strata reinforcement.
  • Generally this is post grouted with concrete grout. A dome plate is fitted with 2 extra holes and they are generally used for post grouting the fixture.
  • The rolled thread is normally equal to the column strength of the bar.
  • Corrosion protection may be provided by hot dip galvanizing as required.


  • Standard pack of 50, custom packing is available on request.