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Stiff Split Set SSS46 
Stiff Split Set® Stabilisers

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Can hold approx 3-4 times per metre, the rock mass of a normal Friction Bolt


  • A one pass bolting solution 
  • Compatible with Jumbo installing mesh
  • Offers a genuine alternative to a Resin Bolt
  • Easier to install than a Resin Bolt
  • Overall maybe a cost effective option for the Mine Manager

Specifications and Performance 

Tubes and plates are available black or galvanized. Code stampings on the tube show its size, date and place of manufacture, and heat lot of steel.

Split Set™ Mining Systems quality management system for Split Set™ products has been certified to the ISO-9002 international quality standard.The Split Set™ Stabiliser is a slotted steel tube, with one end tapered for easy insertion into a drill hole. The other end has a welded ring flange to hold the bearing plate.

The stabiliser is inserted into a hole slightly smaller in diameter than the tube, using a simple driver tool fitted to the drill. As the tube enters, its diameter is compressed and the slot partially closes. The exerts radial forces along the length of the contact with the rock, providing the friction which holds the rock together. The driving force of the drill actively loads the bearing plate against the rock. 

  • Performance can be greatly improved by grouting the inside of the bolt using a thick, strong grout
  • This occurs because Split Sets conform to the shape of the borehole in which they are installed and the grout, once set, locks the shape / dimensions of the Split Set in the hole.
  • A typical 45mm borehole varies +/- 1mm along it's length
  • In order to remove the grouted bolt from the hole, either the grout, steel, rock or some combination of these, needs to fail.
  • A pull out resistance of approx 10-15t per metre of embedment can be achieved
  • A bolt with one metre of embedment can hold a rock weighing 10-15t
  • Depending on embedment length, bolts may break well before they pull out of the hole. In such cases the full strength of the steel can be utilised.


  Pull tested to destruction at 20 tonnes


Example of a tensile failure of the steel tube. The full strength of the steel had been achieved.
Reclaimed Bolt. Note the complete cement fill in the bolt.


SSS-46 stabilisers are typically packaged 150 per pallet with the cement cartridges being packaged 300 per pallet.



Physical Dimensions

Model SSS-46 Split Set™ Stabilisers are 46mm in diameter

Length (mm)

Weight (Kg)Without Cartridge 


Weight (Kg)Without Cartridge 


Installing the SSS-46 Stabiliser 

The SSS-46 tube has a nominal outside diameter of 46mm. The length chosen should be the same as with other types of rock bolts, and installed with same spacing.
The stabiliser is installed with the same drill used to make the hole. Model SSS-46 Split Set™ Stabilisers are commonly installed with jumbo's. Almost any mounted percussive or hydraulic drill will have sufficient impact power for installing SSS-46 stabilisers.


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