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Split Set Mining Systems manufacture, distribute and support the original IR Split Set Friction Rock Stabilisers and a complete range of ground support products, including Resin Bolts, Bearing Plates, Cable Bolts, Mine Mesh and Core Storage Systems.

Split Set Mining System Overview
In the hole, the tube exerts radial pressure against the rock over its full contact length, and also provides immediate plate load support 

Since the introduction of the IR Split Set Stabiliser in 1977 many millions of them have been used in over 50 countries on seven continents around the world. Split Set™ Mining Systems offers ongoing technical support in the way of operator awareness training for the correct installation procedure for ground support products supplied by Split Set Mining Systems.

Pull tests prove sustained grip Pull tests help to verify the effectiveness of the stabilisers upon installation, and over periods of time. Pull collars may be used on selected tubes for later testing.

How It Works 

Split Set Mining Stabiliser working mechanism

The Split Set™ Stabiliser System has only two parts-a-tube and a bearing (Dome) or Combi Plate. The high-strength steel tube has a slot along its length, one end is tapered for easy insertion and the other end has a welded ring flange to hold the plate.

"That's All" With the bearing (Dome) plate in place, the tube is driven into a slightly smaller hole, using the same standard percussion drill which made the hole.

As the tube slides into place, its full length slot narrows, the tube exerts radial pressure against the rock over its full contact length. (Left Picture) Plate loading is generated immediately. The result is a tight grip which actually grows stronger with time and ground movement.

Split Set™ Stabiliser System

The Simple System

Here's all you need: the tube and matching domed bearing plate and one of our inexpensive driver tool (left picture) to fit the drill you used to make the hole. Various male and female drivers are available to fit all Jumbo's and air legs for all Split Set™ Models.

Conforms to ground shifts, grips even tighter

Split Set Mining Ground Shift Pull tests prove the superior holding power of the Split Set™ system. After installation (when ground shifts can loosen an ordinary rock bolt), the Split Set™ tube grips more tightly. Days or weeks later, when the average conventional bolt becomes ineffective and needs retorquing, a typical Split Set™ tube is tighter than ever. It never needs tightening.


Full length support
The Split Set™ tube grips the rock over its full contact length; not just at the end as an ordinary point-anchor bolt does. The tube and bearing plate exert pressure against the rock immediately upon installation.

The tubular structure and high strength of the Split Set™ Stabiliser allow it to conform to the Rock shifts, even at angles to the tube.

Actual field test results on SS-39 stabilisers. (Left)