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The simple system Here's all you need: the tube and matching domed bearing plate and one of our inexpensive driver tool (right) to fit the drill you used to make the hole. Various male and female drivers are available to fit all Jumbo's and air legs for all Split Set™ Models. Conforms to ground shifts, grips even tighter Pull tests prove the superior holding power of the Split Set™ System.

After installation (when ground shifts can loosen an ordinary rock bolt), the Split Set™ tube grips more tightly. Days or weeks later, when the average conventional bolt becomes ineffective and needs retorquing, a typical Split Set™ tube is tighter than ever. It never needs tightening.

Full length support The Split Set™ tube grips the rock over its full contact length; not just at the end as an ordinary point-anchor bolt does. The tube and bearing plate exert pressure against the rock immediately upon installation. The tubular structure and high strength of the Split Set™ Stabiliser allow it to conform to the Rock shifts, even at angles to the tube. Actual field test results on SS-39 stabilisers. (Left)