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splitset utility hangers

Split Set™ utility hangers available in all Models and up to 900mm. They're not for ground support, but they offer the same installation advantages as Split Set™ Stabilisers. They come in the same tube diameters, and use the same bearing plates. They are used to support cables, ductwork, pipes and Mine Mesh. Lightweight items such as ventilation tubing may be hung from the loop on the bearing plate.

Easiest way to install wire screen or Mesh

Mine mesh and wire

Split Set™ utility hangers can make screen and mesh installation much easier, faster and safer. After your opening is secured with standard Split Set™ Stabilisers, install the mesh all at once by driving Split Set™ Utility hangers inside the stabiliser tubes. No new holes are needed. There's no awkward handling of mesh at the end of a long bolt, or under unsupported ground. Screen or Mesh conforms to the rock more tightly.
No other bolt has these advantages!