SS33 Split Set? Stabiliser Installations PDF Print E-mail


  • Drill a hole slightly smaller in diameter than the Split Set™ stabiliser. The recommended bit diameter for SS39 Split Set™ bolts is around 35 to 38 mm.

  • Ensure that the hole is drilled slightly deeper than the complete length of the bolt. This will allow the unit to be driven in again in areas where the
    collar may spall away.

  • Attached the appropriate driver tool. Check the condition of the driver tool, excessively worn driver tools can damage the unit during installation.

  • Align the unit with the drilled hole and drive it in.

  • Check the time that it takes to completely drive the unit into the hole. The time taken to drive the unit in will be a guide as to the load that the
    fixture will be holding.

  • A driving time of more than 25-40 seconds will generally result in a fixture holding around 7-8 tonnes.

  • In soft ground it could be necessary to reduce the bit diameter to increase the driving time, thus increasing the load the bolt will hold.

  • Drive times of less than 10 seconds will usually result in a fixture that will hold less than the recommended load.

  • SS39 Split Set™ Stabilisers are generally most suitable in softer ground types.